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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tuesday Specials at the Maritime Market - 3/13

Fellow Islanders,

Please forgive the mid-day intrusion, but I didn't want this to get lost in
an already lengthy daily email :). For the past 10 years, Shoals Club has
offered Easter Basket delivery to its members on Easter Sunday -
facilitated by "Captain Charlie the Easter Turtle" :) Beginning this year,
the Maritime Market will be taking over this tradition from the Shoals
Club, and we're putting together some terrific baskets for kids (under 12),
along with teens, and even baskets for grown-ups! So, here are the
details and the deadlines for this year's Easter Basket delivery:
* Order your Easter Baskets by
visiting [1] Please fill out
one form for each recipient of a basket.
* Order Deadline is Monday, March 26 at NOON
* Baskets will be ready for pick-up at the Market on Saturday, March 31
between Noon and 8pm - or - for a small fee, Captain Charlie the Easter
Turtle will deliver the baskets to your home between 9am - 11am on Easter
* Baskets for kids (under 12) and teens are $40 each, and contain a
variety of age-appropriate games, toys, beach items and assorted candies.
* Baskets for grown-ups are $55 each, and can be either wine or
beer-themed, along with assorted goodies appropriate for each style of

If you have any questions regarding the contents, or age-appropriateness of
the items inside, or you need any customized support at all, please contact
Holly Fauble via email at [2]

We're looking forward to seeing everyone back on the island for Easter
week, and we'll see you 'round the Market!


Melissa & Claude Pope

Maritime Market

Bald Head Island, NC


Open 8am - 6pm Monday thru Saturday

Open 8am - 2pm Sunday - through March 18

Open 8am - 8pm March 23 - April 7

Open 8am - 2pm Easter Sunday

Bald Head Island, NC


2. Baskets from Maritime Market Manage Your Subscription: