About the Market

The Island Chandler

Maritime Market traces its roots to the old Island Chandler store. The Island Chandler was the Bald Head Island’s only source for groceries, meats, deli sandwiches, beer, wine and dairy products for many years. A “general store” of sorts, the Island Chandler also sold limited hardware, fishing tackle, ice, t-shirts and an odd assortment of other products.
Prior to the Island Chandler, owners and visitors brought over all of their groceries and supplies on the ferry. The Island Chandler served a niche but was quickly overwhelmed by the growth of the island, and the lack of floor space. Thus, in 2001, Bald Head Island Limited built the Maritime Market to anchor a new commercial/retail center off Muscadine Wynd, in the middle of the island. The new Maritime Market was a much needed addition to the amenities of the island, and with the full offering of fresh meat, seafood, produce, dairy, deli meats and a full service café, the need to bring groceries from the mainland went away.

The Pope Family Acquires Maritime Market

Melissa & Claude Pope, long-time visitors and 12-year property owners – acquired the Market from Bald Head Island Limited in January 2011, and now reside on Bald Head Island full time.

The Popes hail from Raleigh, NC, where Melissa & Claude owned Getitquick.com – a commercial office supplier with locations in Raleigh, Greensboro and Wooster, OH. The Popes sold their office supply business in 2007.

Melissa and Claude Pope
Claude and Melissa Pope